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The Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For

I have two beliefs when it comes to gifting; there’s no such thing as the perfect gift and I don’t believe in creating wish lists. Let me explain, for someone whose love language is receiving gifts, I take gifting seriously. I see it as an opportunity to communicate to the person just how much you love them; it’s paying attention to what the person needs and gifting them, it’s getting a gift that is of meaning and emotional value to the person. My opinion with Christmas wish-lists is that you might as well get yourself whatever you’ve put on the list. It’s like reducing the expense of something you thought of buying yourself and shifting it to someone else. I mean where is the surprise? You open the gift and you get exactly what you wanted?

Where is the “I see you” in that, the, “I appreciate you” in that. It doesn’t leave enough room for authenticity. Gifting people is such a sacred process for me.

I know what you’re thinking so if it’s so sacred why are you creating a gifting guide? And if you weren’t now you are. Well, yes it’s sacred but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking for ideas. But of course, always pay attention to the person you’re gifting.

A lesson I’m taking from 2020 is the importance of self-care. Over-productivity has felt misplaced and my overall wellbeing has been placed on a pedestal. 2020 put things in to perspective for me; the things I’ve taken for granted but now realize how important they are. I have been working from home since March and as a resident home body I haven’t complained about this situation. I’ve spared a little of my time to go outside before I come back to do my work. However, this lack of outside-ness has affected my mental health and I could feel it creeping in on my physical health; I was ungrounded, every day was merging into the next (what is time?) and I felt like I was floating, Which I can assure you is not that fun when you have to do financial things at work.

This year has taught me a lot about the importance of boundaries. Yes, sure everybody is talking about relationship boundaries but can we talk about office boundaries for a minute. How wanting to get a task done before the next day keeps you going because you don’t have to worry about travel time. Then the next thing you know it’s 9pm, you haven’t eaten, hydrated and now you’re jumping straight to bed trying to figure out what emails you haven’t responded to. Nope, it’s not for me.

I’ve been shifting in and out of self-care routines this year, figuring out which one blends easily with my daily routine, rejuvenates and refreshes me.

Okay sorry, we’ve gone far into self-care that we are completely losing the point of this article. I am suggesting these gifts because I feel they support the self-care agenda I’m pushing, And I hope if you get one of them for yourself or a loved one that the self-care spirit is inspired in you.

1. Scented Candles.

We all need a sanctuary. A place we can unwind, let go and forget about who hasn’t paid you yet. You deserve a space where you’re only agenda is to relax. Imagine coming home from the office, or in my case the living room, lighting your favourite scented candles, playing some R&B and relaxing. It’s an absolute mood. I’m here for it and this page on Instagram is here for it too.

2. Diffuser/Humidifier.

Before discovering diffusers I didn’t know dry air could be a reason why you don’t sleep well at night. Diffusers are a great gift for that person who just can’t seem to sleep well at night, either they toss and turn or they wake up, lounge about for an hour or so and then go back to bed. Depending on the diffuser you get, you can leave it on the whole night, guaranteeing sound sleep. It also works perfectly because you can set the mood depending on the essential oils you have. Are you trying to relax? Are you trying to set a mood, mood (said while raising my eyebrows) ? or are you trying to kill bacteria?

3. Jade Rollers

I have been trying to get my hands on a jade roller for months now. Jade rollers are perfect for skin care lovers and essentially anyone with skin. They are massaging tools for your face and you can use them to rub your moisturizer into your face.

Jade rollers also help reduce puffiness on your face because they drain the lymphatic system. But for this to work, you need to follow the correct rolling procedure. I’ve watched enough videos to know it works.

4. Jewelry

How is this related to self-care? Well, if you’re getting your jewelry from Luxury Beads Kenya it is. The jewelry is made with crystals and intention. Meaning if you decide to get a rose quartz bracelet, you are basically setting the intention that you want to invite more love into your life; love of self, your neighbors, friends and life. It really is a great heart opening crystal.

Since discovering the page I’ve bought the Rose, Carnelian, Moon Stone bracelets and some waist beads.

5. Journals

I put this here because I am in love with a good journal, a good planner, especially the ones that are interactive. You know the ones that have you questioning and digging deep or even the ones that allow you to express your creativity.

Writing in a journal is great way to move things from your mind to paper. I love them because they provide clarity and you can see everything you’re working with; whether its feelings or a financial budget.

There are so many brands that create journals but the ones that have caught my eye are Kike Designs and Self-ish World. Then we have the International Brands; Lavendaire and Muchelle B.

6. Books

I’ve made it my lifestyle to visit a bookstore every month and I absolutely love it. I’ve been loving feeling the books, highlighting the points that make me go hmmm and not having to stare at my phone for some time. Books are great because I love receiving a wealth of knowledge and expanding my creativity.

Does your loved one have a Goodreads account? What type of books do they enjoy?

A book I have loved this year is Until Today by Iyanla Vanzat. It’s a daily devotional book and truthfully I’m an ambassador because of how aligned the devotions are to things I am facing in my life.

I’m creating a list of books I would suggest to read so stay tuned.

I couldn’t close this article without plugging my mum. She sells perfumes and can you tell how important scent is to me?

If you’re looking for a place to get perfume or cologne, message me here and I will direct you to Scents Heaven.

That’s it! That’s the list. I hope you take care of yourself. I hope you view gifting as an investment and not a gift and I especially hope you view gifting as a way to deepen your relationship with your people. And of course I hope the rest of your days are absolutely blissful.

Wait before you go, do you have some gifting ideas that can be added to this list. Let me know.

Okay, Take Care.


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