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Staying Grounded During These Times

Hello my loves! I hope you’re doing well. I can’t begin to express how great it feels to be writing. Apologies for my disappearance, I took some time to figure things out concerning the direction of my blog and to have a life as well. I’ve learnt a lot which I’ll be sharing in the blog posts to come. So stay tuned.

Today, I thought it would be important to speak about how we can ground ourselves as our world continues to shift with the virus outbreak, the locusts making a home here and climate change. I won’t lie, I didn’t start of brave but by implementing the below steps, it got a lot easier. These points are not exclusive to the things happening in the world right now so you can use them whenever you need to ground yourself.

1. Slow down and ask yourself what you need

Empower yourself with what you need. Step away from fear because it is immobilizing. It’s important to understand and know what you need and what is going to make you feel better about the situation. Is it learning how you can prevent the virus? Taking a step back from the media? Learning more about the situation?

Choose something that empowers you rather than crippling you.

For me, I have found comfort in knowledge. Honestly, knowledge is power, when you know and understand all that is happening you realize that there is nothing to fear.

2. Accept the situation for what it is

It is what it is! Why do we need to accept the situation for what it is? Because it helps with your next steps. You will have clearer sight on what you need to do for yourself and the people around you. You could choose to inform those around you on ways they can boost their immunity, you can choose to send messages of hope or you know, do you!

3. Take responsibility over what you are sharing on Social Media

I’m on some Whatsapp group and statistics were shared over how fast the virus is spreading across the world and I’m not surprised that it is being spread fastest through Social Media and TV. Sometimes the information shared isn’t true at all and the effect is people get more afraid.

We have a huge responsibility in ensuring that the information we’re spreading is true, confirmed and helpful. I challenge you to become more conscious of the messages you are sending, what is the energy behind them fear or love?

4. Gratitude

Always give thanks. You can either choose to start the day or end it with three things you’re grateful for. Being grateful can shift your perspective and help you focus on the things that are working for you.

5. Remember that you are the creator of your own reality

How are you choosing to view this situation? You choose how you want to feel about the situation and the energy you bring to it. Again, Love or Fear?

6. Rituals & Affirmations

I learnt this from Jessica Lanyadoo, an Astrologer, she mentions that we can create mini-rituals throughout our day that support us in knowing that everything is going to be okay. This could be washing your hands and saying affirmations like, “I am healthy, I am well, all is well in my world.”

My favorite is repeating that “I am covered,” whenever I find myself in a triggering situation.

Another thing I observed with myself is that whenever I experience fear it’s not enough for me to affirm that all is well. Sometimes my mind needs a little more convincing, so I speak to myself how I would speak to a child addressing their concerns. This looks like asking myself what I need; do I need to read more? Do I need to leave a conversation? Whatever it is I need, I give it to myself. Then when I feel like I’m in a better state and in a position to be receptive of the affirmations, I start to recite them;

· I AM healthy


· I AM Covered

7. Choose where you put your energy

I have decided to consciously stop directing my energy to the virus, no more jokes about it and spending hours talking about what could have been done or not. That’s not where I want my energy to go because whatever you focus on grows. I am aware of the virus, I am aware of what I need to do to protect myself and those around me and that’s enough for me. I’ve decided to respectfully bow out of conversations that are not constructive around the virus and choose to focus on the positive things that could come out of the situation.

Positive? Yes, positive, I was watching a YouTube Video and the lady was talking about how we can choose to learn so much from this for example; the impermanence of life, the importance of family, did the situation spark different career ambitions or maybe it has you rethinking your lifestyle choices. Whatever it is, you can learn from this.

Before I head out I want to say, don’t let fear consume you. Please remember that this will pass and that all is well. Protect yourself out of love for yourself, do what you need to do.

Sending love to you all!

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