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Speak Blessings into your life in 2020 & Beyond

The words you speak become the house you live in


This post feels like the second installment to last week’s post where we were speaking about vibrations and how you can raise your vibration. If you haven’t had the chance to read it, you can read it here. We’ll wait for you.

Okay, ready! The reason we say it is a second installment to last week’s post is because the things you say and believe about yourself are what manifests in your reality. If you speak low vibrational statements, then you are bound to keep yourself in a cycle of low vibration but when you open your life to the power of positive speaking, everything changes.

Self-deprecating jokes as humor are out, its time to start speaking power over your life. Here are some ways you can start to speak positively over your life.

  • Instead of saying, I’m broke

Say I have different priorities for my money

Or affirm, Money is making its way to me

  • Instead of saying, I hate my job

Say, I am seeking employment elsewhere

Or Affirm, I am attracting an aligned opportunity

  • Instead of saying, I don’t know what to do next

Say, I am committed to learning what my next step is

Or affirm, I am open to learning what my next step is.

  • Instead of saying I don’t have…

Say, I have all I need to get what I want

Or affirm, that you are attracting more of what you want

This goes much further into the way we speak about our world and the people around us. The conversations we have plant seeds within our subconscious mind and this in turn creates our reality. For example, if you’re constantly having conversations with people who believe the world is cruel, tough and you can never win, then you could subconsciously start to carry those beliefs; suddenly your reality starts changing, and you start to experience more negative things.

Inversely, if you’re having more conversations about how there is so much opportunity, abundance, success and love; more of these things start to appear in your life. The words we use act as spells and we need to be more mindful about what we’re saying and the conversations we’re having.

For the next 7 days and beyond, challenge yourself to speak positively about your life and the world around you. Slow yourself down enough to track those negative thoughts before they gather momentum.

To speak blessings into your life, you can start with affirmations, write them down and recite them in front of a mirror any time you have a moment (the start of the day is the best time to say your affirmations) or you could also choose to record your affirmations and listen to them whenever you want to. The power to change our lives is truly in our hands, we can literally change our lives by changing how we use our words.

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