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SIKU NJEMA HUONEKANA ASUBUHI - 8 Morning Rituals to Own your Day

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Hey? Hello? How are you feeling? ….

Siku Njema Huonekana Asubuhi – A Kiswahili proverb that loosely translates to signs of a good day are seen in the morning. I remember learning this in school and paying no attention to it but when I started working, it made sense. If you start the day on a good note, it sets the tone for the rest of the day; you feel great, your mind is clear, you know what you need to do and there is a pep in your step. Moreover, we are living in such a fast paced world and having a morning ritual made me feel like I have ownership over my day, the day belonged to me and I was not getting up to go to work but rather I was getting up to live my life, to skip around, smell the roses and have a great day.

I have recently learnt that there is a difference between a morning routine and a morning ritual. A morning routine includes the things you do in the morning i.e brushing your teeth, taking a shower, the mundane tasks. You do them with the intent to get them done. However, a morning ritual constitutes activities that make you feel energized, alive and ready for the day. This means that a shower and brushing your teeth can well be part of your morning ritual.

Some morning rituals I have incorporated are ;

1. Gratitude

There are mornings where being grateful is the first thing I’ll do in the morning. As I lay on my bed, I express my gratitude for being alive and for getting to experience another day. Then I move on to make a list of 3 things I’m grateful for in my gratitude journal. This I usually do after my morning meditation.

2. Positive Affirmations

Some days I need a little more encouragement to get out of bed. When this happens I repeat positive affirmations like, “Today is going to be a good day.” I say it as many times as I need to so that I can believe it.

On other days I repeat the affirmation “I am here,” which is a suggestion I received from a Paulo Coelho book to feel more alive. I noticed I was going through the motions and I needed to feel more conscious throughout the day.

Saying “I love you,” in the mirror is another affirmation I repeat to myself. This has helped a lot with building my self-love muscle.

3. Meditation

I started meditating with guided meditations on YouTube. There’s a lot of resources right now that can help you with meditation; meditation Apps such as Headspace and videos on YouTube. You could literally search gratitude meditation and you’ll receive many suggestions all different lengths. Guided meditations by Abraham Hicks always put me in a great mood and they’re only 10 minutes long.

4. Reading

Rather than scrolling through your phone, take a few moments to read.

I don’t do this in the morning anymore simply because I will not put the book down. Last year, I was reading The Daily Stoic which has daily entries which you can read every day. Nevertheless, I loved loved loved waking up and reading a few pages. of the books I was reading.

5. Listening to uplifting music

If it puts you in a good mood, do it. If it helps you put on your power suit, do it. If it helps you feel good about yourself, do it. Turn on the radio.

6. Exercise

Move the sleep and lethargy out of your body by moving it.

Hit the gym or move softly with yoga, run or jog. Doing exercise in the morning helps you clear your mind.

7. Prepare a to do list

I’m honestly writing this as advice to myself. There are some days I wake up with the urgency to get things done but without the list everything is the air and I end running aimlessly at the end of the day. Writing a list of the tasks you need to do will help with organization and you’re in a better position to know what tasks are urgent.

8. Drink water

My morning ritual right now involves taking a shot of wheatgrass juice every morning and then 2 large glasses of water. The wheatgrass juice is a great way to detoxify your body every morning. The water is also great because it activates your digestive system and hello, hydration.

When creating your morning ritual, it’s important to decide how much time you want to dedicate in the morning and what activities you’d like to do. Take your time figuring out a ritual that works best for you and makes you feel great.

Wishing you ownership over your mornings!

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