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The end of the year and the end of the decade feels like an appropriate time to let go of your past. By letting go of your past, I mean no longer identifying with the things that happened to you and taking a stance of neutrality. Things happened in order to spark your growth, be it false friendships, heartbreak, toxic work conditions, failed ventures. All of it was teaching you to get to the next level of your life.

It no longer serves you to hold on to the things or people that hurt you. Release it. Release the pain because you’ve come out stronger. Release the part of you that has closed of your world as a mode of self-protection. You’ve learnt the lesson and you are so much wiser now. The lesson has gifted you discernment and you are in a better position to know who is for you and what situations are for your highest and greatest good.

You are no longer a victim, you’re not a slave to your past. You can alchemize your L’s into lessons. Let your past go, it has served its purpose. Move forward with the lessons you’ve learnt. You are here now, with an abundance of opportunity, to be the best version of yourself.

Release yourself from repeating painful patterns because of your past. Stop putting yourself in a box because of what happened. Do not limit your opportunities because of the fear that it will happen again. TRUST. Trust that you know what is good for you. Trust that you are being guided. You came into this world to blossom; whatever that means to you. You are here; a healthy strong, wise version of you, with so much to offer this world.

Heal from your past so that you can move forward to the bliss and joy that awaits you.

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