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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Your light; the thing that makes you glow. The unique part of you that shines bright. The thing that draws people towards you. We see it in your smile, the way you laugh, your reaction to hearing your favorite song. It is what makes you, you! and has attracted us to you like a moth to a flame. Your light connects you with your authentic job, opportunities, your high vibe friendships and relationships. It's your joie de vivre, that feeling that makes you stop for a minute and think life is good.

Often times because of how busy life can be, we are so determined to do everything on our to-do list and as a result our light takes a back seat. It’s like we have activated zombie mode and our light watches from the back row, waiting for a chance to come out. When this happens, life starts to feel uninspired.

When I notice I’ve moved from Technicolor to greyscale, I pull myself back with the below;

1. Breathe Work

I’ve found that when I find myself in a draining situation, a good old deep breath is the best reset. It allows me to infuse life into myself and the situation. This is especially great when I’m in long meetings where people like to talk about doing things but don’t exactly follow through.

So for this, I place my hand on my heart, consciously take a deep breath in, hold it in for about 3 or 4 seconds and the release. A set of 5 is enough to make me feel present.

2. Nature

Our nature as human beings is to be in nature. We were brought into this world to enjoy Mother Earth. However, with the way the world is set up currently, we move from screen to screen; from our laptops, to our phones, to our televisions. It’s insane. Being in nature is a great way to switch up the routine, get inspired or simply enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth. Start small by maybe choosing to sit outside in restaurants and taking more walks, of course distraction free.

3. Move your body

Laugh. Jump. Run. Dance. Sing.

Break the cycle of being a mindless zombie.

There are days I wake up and I am completely out of it and I literally have to jump to activate myself. Or when I get to work in the morning, I feel the need to look at a few memes before I can start the day. Lol! I like to think about it like I’m jumpstarting myself.

It helps though.

4. Let Go of Fear

Fear is one thing that dims our light. It strangles the very thing that makes you authentic.

When we start to live our life fearfully, we are refusing ourselves to bask in the wonder that is the world and as a result we are placing ourselves in spaces that are too small for us. This leads to the creation of uninspired people who live their lives in repetitive cycles.

I like to think that when we do things despite the fear we are feeling, we unlock another level of our lives.

We welcome in new people, opportunities, and relationships which contribute to our growth.

5. Change your Routine

Maybe waking up and going to the gym is starting to feel a lot like part of a routine or you do not get the same pleasure from it like you used to.

Maybe you are starting to dread waking up to read.

Maybe cooking for yourself is starting to feel like a chore.

When I start to feel like this, like my routine is a chore, I try to switch it up. For example, I may do my work out at night or completely obliterate the work out and start reading. Maybe I’ll try out new recipes or buy food as I gather inspiration. Small, small things to create excitement.

6. Focus on what brings you joy

When you surround yourself with people who make you happy, follow through with projects that bring you excitement, eat food that makes you feel good, the light in you starts to grow.

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