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How to Achieve your Goals.

Okay I have a confession to make, the moment I started social distancing I had so many plans in mind; I was going to do courses on Skillshare, be aggressive with my fitness routine, remember I’m a poet, learn to be Frida Kahlo among other things. I was enthusiastic about getting things done and developing myself. I had the vision that by the time I was coming out of this social distancing, I was going to be a new girl. If I’m being honest everything is in shambles and I keep wondering where I thought this extra time would come from.

I genuinely feel like time has been fast forwarded, like we’re moving on 2X speed instead of the usual normal speed and I’ll suddenly wake up in December like, “okay, we’ll try again next year.” This cannot happen, we do not have time for this pls.

So why am I failing at becoming a one woman show? Well, because I learnt, I have the goal in mind but I don’t have the system in place to achieve my goal. A goal, to put it loosely, is a desired output while a system is the things you do every day to achieve your goal. A system includes ensuring that you have the time, space and resources in place to achieve your goal. We can think of it as a goal is the destination while the system is the journey.

I learnt that having systems in place is better because;

1. Achieving a goal is momentary, after you get to the goal, that's about it.

2. Goals can sometimes delay your happiness, with the idea that once you achieve your goal you'll be happy.

3. People sometimes have the same goal, what differentiates you is your system.

How to create a system

1. Identify your Why This is your motivation for achieving the goal. The reason why you want what you want. I think it makes the most sense to choose a why that you have a deep emotional connection to; because this why is what will carry you when it gets cloudy, when it gets boring and when it gets heavy.

A couple of years ago, I joined the gym, ready to get slim thick because I wanted to have a body as great as the Instagram models. So I went to the gym, got acquainted with the gym equipment, got a gym trainer and buddy but this was not enough to wake me up on the rainy mornings, it wasn’t enough to push me when things got hard and I definitely wasn’t motivated to keep going when my body was in pain. All that to look like an Instagram Model, sorry, no. This ‘why’ wasn’t good enough to keep me going.

2. Define your how

How do you intend on achieving your goals? The how is the method you choose to help you reach your goal. The frequency of the activity; are going to do it daily, weekly, bi-monthly? Are you adding new habits or getting rid of old habits?

3. Execute your what

Your what is the specific activity you’re doing to reach your goal.

In order to execute your what, it is best to ensure that you have the time, space and resources to do so. Have a how that will not overwhelm you, it needs to blend well with your daily routine or aspired routine.

4. Assess & Adjust

Feel out your new system, is it working? Do you enjoy it? Do you need to wake up earlier or sleep later?

Create a system that makes you happy and habits that are beneficial to you.

In the spirit of taking my own advice, I have decided to create my own system. My goal is that I want to get fit and the WHY would be I want to feel better in my skin suit. My HOW- is to work out every day for at least an hour as well as eat healthy, my WHAT is my work out routine. Is it yoga or Pilates? I still haven’t decided. At least I have the ‘assess and adjust’ stage to see whether or not yoga will get me to where I want to go. The best thing about having a system is that you don't need to stop when you get to the goal, you're enjoying the journey so much you could just keep going.

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

James Clear

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