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How to use Affirmations for Self-Love

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete
Affirmations for self-love

The most important lesson I’ve learnt is that we do not have to be born with natural talents or feelings about ourselves to thrive in life. Everything can be learnt and it just takes consistency and dedication. I wasn’t born naturally loving myself, I didn’t grow up as an advocate for myself, I didn’t always have strong boundaries or know what’s good for myself. Self-love is one of the things I had to learn over time and I continue to learn.

Affirmations have proven to be the easiest and most effective way for me to remind myself of love. To remind myself that I am worthy and that I am in fact deserving of all the good things in life. Affirmations are statements that are said with confidence about your life. Affirmations have the ability to shift your life experience because they are working to change your beliefs about your life. There are two types of affirmations; positive and negative. Positive affirmations are empowering while negative affirmations are disempowering. Negative affirmations tend to keep you in a loop of lack. Personally, using positive affirmations has helped me step away from feeling undeserving in life and start to move into a space of acceptance.

Some affirmations you can repeat to yourself to build self-love are:

I love and accept myself for who I am

I deserve all the good things in life

I am worthy of the very best in life and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it.

All is well in my world

I am safe and secure

I approve of myself

I forgive myself for my past mistakes

I accept my friends for who they are

Loving myself means I am able to love others more

I am whole and complete

I invite more love into my life

I lovingly take care of my body

Today, I choose myself

I love and respect who I am

I respect myself

I am improving every day

My confidence increases everyday

I am a Divine Expression of Life

It is true that not all affirmations work for everyone and the affirmation needs to be related to the negative belief you are trying to erase about yourself. You also need to believe it. For example in my case, in the past I was constantly looking for approval, I wanted people to like me and accept me but I realized it was only causing me to live an inauthentic life, this is what led me to start saying the affirmation, “I approve of myself.” This affirmation was everywhere, I set a reminder on my phone, I changed my display picture, I posted it on my wall and whenever I didn’t feel valued, I’d repeat the words to myself silently.

If you find it difficult to believe the affirmations above, you can edit them to make them more believable like saying;

I am learning to approve of myself

I am learning to love and accept myself

I am open to receiving all the good in my life

Louise Hay explains that the best way to do affirmations is in conjunction with mirror work. Mirror work is where you look yourself in the mirror, place your hand on your heart and say your affirmations out loud. Mirror work is extremely effective but I also set my affirmations as reminders on my phone, in addition to recording my affirmations and listening to them before bed. I also found that slowing down when saying my affirmations was of great help, what I mean here is that I wasn’t running to say them just for the sake. I took time out of my day, breathed in and out and said my affirmations, believing that they are true.

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