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8 Self-Love Rituals for Valentine's Day!

Ritual? Every time I mention this word my friends seem to fall into a cloud of confusion, wondering if I call upon the dark side every time the moon is full. Well if you think about it, I sort of do but that’s a story for another day.

It’s true the word ritual has some religious undertone but in this case we are referring to a practice you do with intention, like a ceremony that you do on a regular basis. With the day of love quickly approaching we thought it would be great to share some of the rituals we’ve considered picking up for Valentine’s Day with the intention of doing them every year. There’s no pause button on self-love, right?

Whether you’re single or coupled up, the below rituals could provide a great opportunity to develop your self-love muscle.

1. Write a love letter to yourself

I’m actually a letter writing nerd. I’m always finding reasons to write letters to myself. When I do, I end up forgetting about them and finding them months later. It honestly feels like Christmas when I read the letters.

This Valentine’s Day, you could start the ritual of writing a love letter to yourself. Write a letter to the soft parts of you, to the parts that you find hard to love. Write a letter expressing how great it is to be around you, how it feels to be loved by you (cue Loved by You by Kirby- which has absolutely nothing to do with this but it felt fitting). If you’re just starting out in your self-love journey write a letter expressing how excited you are to go on this journey. Write what comes to your heart and don’t hold anything back.

2. Plant the seed to manifest your next partner

Okay, this is probably something you can’t do every year but If you’re single and ready to find your next partner, you could use Valentines to day dream and think about who you want your next partner to be. Tony Robbins has this amazing video on YouTube where he speaks about how he manifested his current wife. He wrote down all the qualities he wanted her to have and he was painfully specific to the type of things they’d laugh about. I’m not sure how much time elapsed before he met her but when he revisited his list, she was everything he wanted.

You could do that too!

However, if you are in a relationship, you could choose to use Valentine’s Day to reflect on your relationship and how you’d like it to progress as time goes by.

3. Spend time with your faves

Maybe Valentine’s Day for you is a night out/in with your friends. Perhaps you decide to cook for one another or dress up and go for dinner.

Follow your bliss!

4. Go on a solo date

Take yourself out, wine and dine yourself. Take yourself to that restaurant you’ve been dreaming about, enjoy your own company. Get to know yourself a lot more.

Remember, you do not have to wait for somebody to be there to do all the things you’ve thought of doing.

5. Take the weekend off

Separate yourself from all the distractions. Take time for yourself and do a self-love check-in. Find out where you’re really at, how you’ve been feeling lately? How can you feel better? If there are things draining you or holding you back.

Really take time to assess where you are and make plans for improvements.

6. Treat Yourself

Valentine’s Day could be the perfect day to start a ritual of buying yourself gifts and I’m not talking of the gifts which you can get for yourself any other day, I’m talking the big stuff, something that makes you feel special.

You could also decide to take yourself to the spa, get a massage, or get your nails done. Pamper yourself.

7. Have a dance party

Is there something more freeing than dancing like no one is watching? I’ve honestly become such a huge fan of taking time in my week to dance, I’m not focused on how to do the moves although sometimes I do glance at the TV for some guidance. But just dancing freely, It’s amazing. Right now, no dance party of mine ends without playing Aya Nakamura.

8. Watch your favourite rom-com

I tried to leave this out but I couldn’t. Is Valentine’s Day even complete without watching ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’?

Oscar Wilde said to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance, so how will you be romancing yourself?

This month at Self-ish World we are focusing on building our self-love muscle, we’ve been doing a self-love challenge on Instagram and you can get the calendar here and start whenever you want.

In our post that was shared Last week, we described what self-love is, you can check it out here.

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